Society of Jacked Up Individuals New Club

We have been open 8 months and are starting our Society of Jacked Up Individuals Club.

Our society at Jacked Up Brewery is very special to us and if you are a regular craft beer drinker or new craft beer drinker, you will find people like you who want to drink great beer with family and/or friends, be a part of a society that loves beer, learn about beer, learn about food and beer pairing, relax and enjoy the afternoon in a cool atmosphere.

If you want to be a part of our: Society of Jacked Up Individuals please email Carly at for more information.

Our membership sign up is from August 1 to the 31 and the membership runs from October 1,  2017 to October 1,  2018.  The cost is $175.00 for the year. For are foundering members the cost will never go higher. The following is included in the Society.

  1. Members will drink from 20 oz Society glasses, while paying regular prices.
  2. Society members don’t need to purchase growlers, 3 growlers per month are loaned when paying to fill with beer.
  3. Swag will be given quarterly. Hats, tee shirts, glasses, buckles, coasters, duffel bags etc…
  4. On the first Tuesday of every month, society members drink for less.
  5. Monthly, beer and food pairing events are discounted for society members.
  6. One Saturday, every month we will brew beer for society members who want to join and contribute.
  7. Beer brewed on Saturday will only be sold to society members and members will choose what is brewed.
  8. Monthly beer and food pairing events will be discounted for society members.
  9. Future discounts for business and personal items will be available to members, an example will be construction materials, tires, cars, beer fests, ect…
  10. A fun time at a fun place for a great beer.